Sing Alive


Rules and Regulation

  • Contestants have to sing gospel songs on their videos
  • Contestants' voices should be heard during the video
  • Video of the contestant must not exceed five minutes long.

    Requirement for Sing Alive Music Competition 2021

    Contestants must be capable of understanding and reading all rules and regulations of the contest to be eligible.

    Stage One

    The first phase, which begins on 27th September 2021 and will end on 10th October 2021. The participant must:

    • Registration (Click to Register)
    • Participants must input their exact details (Note: The participants are required to enter their correct information)
    • Upload your video, which must not exceed 5 minutes long.
    • After submission, your video will be in the process of being approved( Video approval can be between 24 and 48 hours.
    • Once you have been approved, The link to the video you uploaded is sent out to your inbox via a direct message or by your email.
    • Then Move to the Stage Two

    Stage Two

    The second phase begins when your video is approved and the link has been sent to you.; participants are to:

    • Click on SING ALIVE 2021 on the Menu
    • Then select Add video.
    • Enter your accurate information as well as the title and URL or Link to your video.
    • Select Add video
    • Voting Starts Immediately
    • Share the link to get votes across the various social media platforms by clicking the buttons beneath the video. (Note:Voting will close on 5th November 2021).


Position Prizes
Winner #30,000
1st Runner up #15,000
2nd Runner up #10,000